What we’re about.


Games: we love playing them, watching them, thinking about them, talking about them. At one time, they were considered trivial, but I believe that most people today can see them for the strangely unique medium of expression that they are. However, they’re more than just a cultural phenomenon, they’re what we love to do for fun.

Pixel Scribe is my attempt to explore and start an analytic dialogue about gaming and the culture surrounding it. As well as to create an environment where all people who play, create, or are interested in video games can interact in constructive ways. Because we’re not the stereotypes that some would put call us; we’re storytellers and architects. We’re problem solvers, clever, curious, and bold. We know that there was a time that we all believed in the power of play, and we know that it’s not something that leaves.

Be kind, be curious, and good gaming!