Let’s make a game: Tabletop part 7

Been a minute, but I’ve been hard at work on finishing up some tabletop stuff! Getting a lot of groundwork done on the world, nailing down some locations and random encounter generation, as well as shaping up some formatting stuff for the final PDF. Here’s the fourth player class so far below. I was going for a bit of a play on classic D&D sorcerers but ramping up t he risk/reward curve a lot. I’m considering adding one more class to fill any healing roles that parties will most likely need, but I also am considering being a little more generous with healing drops. Or doing neither of those things, and making combat even more of a risky decision than it already is in LoTFP. I also nailed down the origin system, which I think will be fun for GMs and groups with a more loose style to add whatever sort of mutations, abberations, or oddities they like to their PCs. More details to come, but for now enjoy the ruin weird and origin system!


Reference image by underbase

(Reference image by underbase)

Reference image by Matt Cavotta

(Reference image by Matt Cavotta)

Ruin Weird

Burn twice as bright, then snuff out the light.

-You are an anomaly. An aggressive amalgam of misunderstood quantum mechanics, magic, and unrestrained psionic ability. You do things that can’t happen, that shouldn’t happen. Leaving a wake of melted metal and broken minds, you wander purposelessly until the next opportunity presents itself to use your gifts. It is the only time you truly feel at home in your skin, for it is as natural and necessary as breathing. Most revile you for this, though some trust in the power. “Direct it,” they say, “Wield the divine flame and your dark whispered secrets as blade and buckler against the gnashing teeth below. You can save us.” You know you can. Maybe someday you’ll even want to.

HP: 4 (plus a d4 each level after.)

At first level only: +1 to WIS or DEX score.

Saves: Paralyze-14 Poison- 10 Breath- 11 Device-13 Magic- 15
Skill points: 4

Class Traits:

  • Two sides, same coin: The abilities of ruin weirds fall under two categories: Sunfire and Cobalt. Choose one of these two to specialize in and receive a +1 bonus on rolls to successfully cast spells within the specialisation. However, weirds thrive on the unpredictable and uncertain. As such, spells a weird casts from their opposite specialization have a -1 on attack rolls/enemy saving throw but deal +1 extra damage, and effects from them last one extra round/turn than they would normally. The bonuses and negatives for a Sunfire Weird become doubled when the sun is high, and the same for Cobalt Weirds in the dead of night.
  • Outcast: Because of their self-destructive tendencies, Weirds are not welcome in most settlements, including some populated residential areas of the spire. Many hide their faces while on business in the spire, and even those few massively respected for their work upon pilgrimages are under great scrutiny while within the spire walls. This sort of attention tends to garner anti-social behavior and generally causes them to fall in with the wrong crowd. Because of this, they add a +1 bonus to reaction rolls from corsairs, skyway gangers, demons and cobalt children approached nonviolently.
  • Ride the Lightning: Weirds cast their spells as magic users, except there is no limit to how many times in a day they use them, and minimal component costs. Instead, every time the weird casts a spell in their repertoire, the next attempt at casting will be more dangerous for them and everyone around them, as well as more effective upon the target.
      1. First and second spells of the day: no negative or positive effects occur.
      2. Third spell of the day: Deal one damage to an adjacent creature, or take one.
      3. Fourth spell of the day: Take one point of CON damage, anything within five feet of you with an organic brain (including you)  must save vs magic or be stunned for 1 round.
      4. Fifth spell of the day: Take damage equal to your level, a copy of this spell is cast simultaneously and randomly targets something else within range.
      5. Sixth spell of the day: Take damage equal to your level, deal damage equal to your level to everything in a 10ft radius,


Use the type specified in the “two sides, same coin” trait to determine quirks.

Sunfire Weird: Sunfire weirds are compulsive and sharp. Generally very smart or keen in ways much different from the mathematicians, whom they consider bookish and boring. Their temperament varies greatly, but very often they are fickle. Sunfire weirds love gambling and games, and those wandering the ruins tend to spend much of their time searching for smog demons to bet with or against.

A sunfire weird is always able to do the following:
-Create a spark by striking two parts of their body against one another.
-Illuminate their body enough to provide 5 feet of light.
-Subside on only a flask of gasoline for up to three days.

Cobalt Weird: Cobalt weirds spend most of their time stuck in their own head, unless they currently are making someone else’s explode. Sometimes solitary, but not out of place in a group because of their knack for strategy. They range from soft-spoken to boisterous and arrogant, but always display a passion for secrets. Keeping, finding, and sometimes selling them when it is necessary.

A cobalt weird is always able to do the following:

-Snuff out a torch sized light source with a whisper.
-See perfectly up to ten feet in pitch darkness
-Subside on only a vial of tears and glass powder for up to three days.

Class Feat:

The Weirding Way: Weirds are created by a series of unpredictable mutations in human DNA. There are those who speculate the genes are hereditary, inherited from a special caste of old world citizen with psychic ability. Or perhaps from an ancient experiment gone horribly wrong, resulting in their volatile nature. Their ancient origin aside, ruin weirds command a formidable array of mental prowess brought on by their mutations. Once per long rest, a ruin weird may reach into the mind of a sentient, organic being and extract a piece of information from them. An aware target, if unwilling to yield, may attempt to fight the intrusion by rolling a WIS check against the weird. If the target wins the challenge, the weird is expelled from their mind. If the weird wins the challenge, the mental probe will yield one of the following.  Roll 1d8.

  1. White noise.
  2. A useless passing thought.
  3. The target’s name. If this is already known, their age.
  4. A childhood memory of the target.
  5. A useful thought, like the location of a cache.
  6. The target’s favorite thing.
  7. The target’s worst fear.
  8. A secret actively being kept from the caster.


Upon leveling up, the weird may choose a new spell or feat. All spells take a full action to cast.

Level 0

Focus Inward – Feat.  Once per short rest the weird may focus as an action to nullify the next effect caused by the ride the Lightning trait. This spell does not count towards the total cast that day but the subsequent spell does.

Focus Outward – Feat.  Once per long rest the weird may focus as an action to double the effects ( caster chooses damage, duration, or number of targets) of the next spell they cast. Effects from the ride the lightning trait are also doubled for this spell.

Level 1

Enflame – Sunfire spell. The weird dives into the psyche of an enemy, convincing their mind that their body has burst into flames. The body reacts, driving internal temperature up to extreme temperatures. The caster and target roll WIS checks against each other. If the caster wins this clash, the target must save vs magic or take 1d6 fire damage, for 2 rounds (save ends.) If the target wins, the spell fizzles, but counts as a spent spell for the day.  

Blood to Gasoline – Cobalt spell The weird may turn an amount of  liters of blood equal to½ your level into liters of gasoline. The targeted blood must be closer than 50’. If the blood is currently in a living organism, they are entitled to a save vs magic to resist the effect. If they do not, the target takes 1d4 damage and for the next two rounds they are doused in gasoline and fire damage they take will cause an extra d10 damage. At level 6, if this ability is used on a single organic medium target entirely, they must save vs poison or immediately die.

Level 2

Wither – Cobalt spell. The weird slowly siphons the energy from organisms around them to bolster their own. One target within ten feet of the weird must save vs magic, if they fail they will begin to slowly get sick over the next three hours as long as they stay within the ten feet. The target is unaware of the effect for the first hour, after which they begin to feel sick and will lose one max HP per hour. Anything with human level intelligence or greater may make DC 12 WIS check to try and find the source of the effect after two hours. The weird gains any HP lost by their target this way, and will gain it as max HP should they be at full health. The max HP of both the weird and their target return to normal after a long rest.

Flare – Sunfire spell. An intense strobe of hot white light emits from the weird’s body. Anything looking at the weird within twenty feet must save vs magic or be blinded until the start of the weird’s next turn. Does not work on creatures that do not require sight to function.

Level 3

Prescience – Cobalt spell. The weird focuses intently on one non-synthetic creature, probing it’s thoughts. Target must save vs magic. On a failed save, the weird may choose to cause the next attack the target makes against them automatically miss or the next attack the weird makes against the target automatically succeed. Picking this spell again on a level up allows the weird to telepathically warn an ally of attack or enemy weakness, allowing this spell’s effect to extend to them when cast.

Sunfire Lance – Sunfire spell. The weird conjures a spear of pure sunfire in their hand and hurls it at a target within 120’.( WIS vs AC, 1d10+level) fire damage on hit.) Flammable targets must save vs breath on hit or be set on fire, taking a d6 of damage at the start of their turn till save ends.

Level 4

Cauterize – Sunfire spell. Focusing their mind’s flame to a laser point and reading the target’s thoughts as a diagnosis, the weird heals a target for 1d6 piercing/slashing damage or stabilizes any medium sized organic creature dying due to piercing or slashing damage. Target must be within 15 feet.

Manipulate – Upon casting, the weird uses their mind to take any single physical action that a large, 20ft long arm could take. Damage for this telekinetic action is a d12, and it uses WIS instead of STR to make checks.

Level 5

Metal to Meat – Cobalt spell. The weird may turn  up to 1 (times their level) square feet of metal they can touch into flesh and blood. Any purpose the metal may have served still carries over, but alloy will have been replaced with a vastly complex organic system that pulses with strange blue blood. This flesh has an armor class of 12 (creatures under this effect simply take -2 to AC per square foot, but can’t dip below 12). This effect is irreversible. Any synthetic creature with sentience is entitled to make a save vs magic to avoid this effect. Leveling this spell a second time allows the weird to endow a synthetic creature with an organic mind.

Overclock – Sunfire spell. The weird jumpstarts their metabolism into a heat-induced frenzy, allowing themselves to take up to two actions on their next turn. Roll a d6 whenever this spell is cast. On a 1, the spell functions as normal but the weird takes 1d6+their level in psychic damage from the mental strain.

Level 6

Solar Strike – The weird must concentrate for one full round, focusing sunlight in a 10’*10’ area of their choosing. On their next turn, the weird calls down a searing beam of sunfire from above, dealing 3d12 fire damage to anything in the area. This area must be within 100 feet and the sun or another large source of sunfire must be visible. If the source of sunfire is an unwilling creature, it may save vs magic to prevent this effect.

Mind Control – Cobalt spell. The weird enters a trance-state; becoming deathly pale, their eyes are encompassed by a black abyss as their blood turns dark blue in their veins. The weird infiltrates the mind of an organic creature within 150’, subduing their host’s mind with their own. The target may save vs magic twice: If they fail both, the weird gains full control of the target for 1d8 hours. If both saves are successful, the spell fails, the target is aware of the attempt and may not be mind controlled by the caster for 24 hours. On one fail/one success, the caster and target have a WIS contest to see whether or not the spell succeeds. The weird is considered incapacitated during the trance, can be moved without disturbing the trance, and can end the mind control effect with one full round of concentration. If the weird’s body is damaged to the point of death during the mind control spell, the effect ends. The target is aware of the intrusion and what has transpired during whenever the effect ends. Whatever ‘ride the lightning’ effects that occur from casting this spell reoccur every hour the spell is sustained.

FEATS: Every time a character levels up, they may choose one new feat equal to or lower than their new level. Any equipment granted by a feat is received upon their next visit to the spire. Some feats may be repicked.


The spire is home to many and the hierarchy which governs them is organized into three simple castes. Choose one when you create your character.

Highborn: The upper echelon of the spire. Immaculate human specimens. Often arrogant. Occasionally empathetic. Most have never set foot in the ruins. Highborn are always oddity free. They begin with a residency relatively high in the spire between the 201st and 275th skylight and enjoy 1st class citizen rights. No stat bonuses/negatives.

Lowborn: Born to the lower spire. Generally they bear some mark of the outside world. May be scarred, scaled, or strange in some way. Those who have been below still have nightmares. Lowborn may or may not choose to have one minor oddity about them. Work with the GM to decide or have them decide for you. Bonuses must be minimal and balanced with appropriate weaknesses.

Dirtborn: Those from beyond the tower are either traders or have snuck in. They are repugnant and alien to most spire-dwellers. These outsiders are not to be trusted. Dirtborn have one mandatory, major oddity about them. Must be something difficult to conceal. Bonuses and weaknesses must be substantial. Work with the GM to decide or have them decide for you.

On Oddities

A minor oddity would be a small physical or mental quirk (cat eyes, one way telepathy, iron lung) while major ones are much more prevalent (synthetic being, plant/human hybrid, flaming hair). Oddities may be practical or purely aesthetic at the GM’s discretion. Try to keep it balanced; a robot arm should only be as strong as a regular arm unless occasionally it breaks down.

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