Not unlike the phoenix…

Well, it’s been a while.

Life, work, travel, and (pleasantly) lots of reading are what I’ve been up to lately. I always seem to be looking to turn over a new leaf in the fall, so here I am again. Over the next few weeks I’ll be dusting off the cobwebs and starting up activity on the blog again. Going to try again for the three-a-week posting schedule for now, although once full-time work starts up again that may have to drop back down to two. Gonna play it by ear for now. In the meantime, here’s some rapid firewords about the games that have come and gone through my life since I fell off the grid last.

  • DOOM‘s speed, soundtrack, savvy make it a remake done right.
  • Overwatch is new TF2, but with more diversity and less hats.
  • If you say Dark Souls 3 thrice in the mirror DLC will come faster.
  • TI6 brought back the glitz and glamor of e-sports to the fall. ( I really wanted MVP to go all the way)
  • Reigns simultaneously lampooned dating apps while creating an engaging resource management game.

That’s it for the spark notes right now. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of other thoughts on whats been happening with some of those points as they are updated more and as time goes on, but for now I’ll keep it short and sweet till I can be back with a more constructed and researched post. When I haven’t got time for games, you can expect more updates on the tabletop setting, which is definitely still knocking around in my mind. Catch you all on Monday for a new post and good gaming!

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