Let’s make a game: Tabletop Part 6

Been slacking off a little bit here since it’s my last week in Korea, but still tip-tapping away at a lot of the things on the to-do list for the tabletop setting. Mostly been concerning myself with loot tables and location/exploration specifics but looking back at the spire rat class, I’m thinking that it’s about time to tune that up and give it a second look. Below here are some items lists for things that can be found in the ruins. A lot of broken stuff theoretically means that spire rats will have to get the most out of their class traits, but it also may be exasperating to work super hard at an objective just to have the reward be something that doesn’t work right there. I pulled the gadget utility functions below from this post with permission from gloomtrain (seriously, check out his stuff if you like tabletop rpgs) and figured that for the time being it would be easier to just roll out gadgets randomly and give them a visual description based on the technology type and function. It’s a little loosey goosey at this point, but it worked pretty well in the playtest, so we’ll have to see how it functions in the long run. I’ll be heavily expanding these loot tables over the coming few days, seeing as I will have 23 hours of alternating between standing in line and sitting. Ain’t transit grand?


From The Goonies



Lesser Tech with a specific, utilitarian function.

-Roll for condition of gadget.

1-4: Broken

5: Well-used. Will break after three uses

6: Pristine. Doubles the chip/XP value of the tech

-Roll for Tech type.

  1. Demon: Covered in soot. No matter how you hold the gadget, it feels wrong.
  2. Tower: Shaped steel and patchwork circuits. Old world glory, not quite restored.
  3. Improvised (Warblers or Skyway Gangs use): Taped up, smashed up. It’s a miracle it works.
  4. TALOS: Nasty smooth steel and blinking red lights. It feels like this technology resents you.
  5. Mathematic: Inscrutable design meets impossible science. You probably have no idea how it works.
  6. Cobalt: Don’t touch it. Don’t touch it. Don’t touch it.
  7. Scavenger: Trusty and rusty. Not likely to break, but not likely to get much better either.
  8. Old World: Stone and sunfire. Feather-light and elegant. Courses with the ancient power of Gods.

-Roll for gadget’s utility

  1. Levitation (Pulley)
  2. Bondage (Rope or Chain)
  3. Attraction (Grappling Hook)
  4. Incandescence (Torch)
  5. Quickening (Roller Skates)
  6. Repulsion (Pole)
  7. Resonance (Magnet)
  8. Incision (Blade)
  9. Aviation (Parachute)
  10. Ministration (Bandage)
  11. Reflection (Mirror)
  12. Equalization (Hammer)
  13. Entanglement (Net)
  14. Observance (Spyglass)  
  15. Strangulation (Noose)
  16. Obfuscation (Curtain)
  17. Immurement (Wall)
  18. Hydration (Water)
  19. Dissimulation (Mask)
  20. Blockage (Lock)

Lesser Tech

Technology to be brought back to the tower for requisition quotas or to be repaired and used in the field.

-Roll above for condition of tech, some devices are always found broken.

  1. Appliance Part, 5 Chips (Area Origin)
  2. Weapon Part, 10 Chips (Area Origin)
  3. Armor Part, 10 Chips (Area Origin)
  4. Vehicle Part, 20 Chips (Area Origin)
  5. Lore Stone, 150 Chips (Old World)
  6. Small, broken, flying drone, 30 Chips (TALOS)
  7. Medium battery, 50 Chips. (Old World)
  8. Portable electric cooking stove, 25 Chips.(Tower)
  9. Laptop computer, encrypted, 40 Chips  (TALOS)
  10. Self-replenishing chalk, 5 Chips (Mathematic)
  11. Water Purifier, 75 Chips (Scavenger)
  12. Sunfire Longbow, medium weapon, 1d8,+2, broken, 60 Chips (Old World)
  13. Hard Light Buckler, 40 Chips (Tower)
  14. Portable Chalkboard, 10 Chips, (Mathematic)
  15. Broken Fiddle, 0 Chips. (Demon)
  16. Energy Source, 150 Chips (Random Origin)
  17. Night Vision Goggles, broken, 55 Chips (Scavenger)
  18. Blue Blade, 100 Chips (Cobalt)
  19. Aeroponic Incubator, Chips (Old World)
  20. Shock Stick, large weapon, 5ft reach, 1d6, 15 Chips, (Improvised)
  21. Gas Mask, 1 filter included, 50 Chips (Random Origin)
  22. Hard Light Projector, 10ft bridge,  60 Chips (Tower)
  23. Hard light Projector, 20ft bridge, 120 Chips (Tower)
  24. Two-way radio, a set of 2, 50 chips (Old World)
  25. Portable Wind Turbine, medium, 80 chips (Improvised)
  26. Space Heater, Small, 35 chips (Scavenger)


Small items littering the ruins. Some useless, some with incredible situational importance.

  1. A pair of partially rusted handheld batteries
  2. A small, titanium gyroscope.
  3. Personal communication device (Only GPS functions.)
  4. A pair of thick-rim spectacles.
  5. A pristine telescope.
  6. A small, broken viewscreen.
  7. 5 feet of sturdy metal wire.
  8. A set of 6 tiny wind-up motors on wheels.
  9. Robotic Spider in a jar.
  10. Bag of smooth oval rocks.
  11. Demon finger trap, can’t be removed without severing fingers,
  12. A cracked portable console displaying an ongoing game of Go.
  13. A remote control with only one small red button.
  14. Traveller’s backpack, empty save for an uneaten sandwich.
  15. A deck of playing cards with all the faces cut out.
  16. A pair of goggles, they do nothing.
  17. A glowing blue molar in a glass vial.
  18. A tiny, intact first aid kit.
  19. A small engraved box with one stick of chalk.
  20. A small, electronically coded key.

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