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So, it’s been a while. Those of you paying close attention may have noticed a lapse in my presence on this blog, as well as its peripherals. A lapse that has lasted about six months or so. I’m not going to make excuses about living in the moment or going to wander around to find myself because, while both of those things are valid, mostly what I’ve been doing for the past six months is work. Full-time is killer, not because it doesn’t leave you time for the work you want to do, but because it forces you to choose between leisure and extracurricular work. There’s a million ways to say why you couldn’t get the thing done but only one way to do so, and that is sitting down, focusing, and simply doing it.

“A young writer is easily tempted by the allusive and ethereal and ironic and reflective, but the declarative is at the bottom of most good writing.” – Garrison Keillor

All the talk about words flowing from your veins like steely black ink on a blank white page does work for some, but for most of us, it’s setting deadlines, meeting them, and continuing to do so without breaking form. And I am very much still learning how to do all of those things, because the only way you get better at doing something is by doing it a hell of a lot. If I decide to only write when I feel like the universe has inspired me to do so, I’ll tend to spend most of my spare time watching X-files re-runs. That being said, I’m back and more determined than ever. Here’s how my idea for the site has changed since last we met-

  • Hard Restart is no more, and livestreaming regularly is going to be too much of a shift in focus to be afforded. A friend recommended that I narrow down the things I’m doing to help keep focused and streaming is definitely an auxiliary facet of this blog. Pixel Scribe Plays will still occasionally be uploaded to the youtube channel.
  • Posting schedule has been revamped to two posts a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • As a directional shift, I’m going to be attempting to start looking a bit more closely at game narrative or narrative structure.
  • I’m going to be including tabletop gaming a bit more in the regularly scheduled content, and expanding the blog’s focus a tiny bit to encompass tabletop gaming and RPGs. There will still be plenty of video game content, but expect to see a healthier amount of tabletop on the blog, including some work on a project I’ve got brewing on the side here. Side note: if you’re looking for some seriously spooky old-school RPG witchery, definitely check out gloomtrain.
  • ‘Let’s make a Game’ is on hold for now, at least that particular aspect of it is. The aforementioned tabletop project will have some possible entries into that category, so keep your eyes peeled.

And that’s about it for now, or all I have time to think of before I have to head out for work. It’s good to be back, and I’m glad that those of you who have stuck around are still here. If you’re new to the blog, then welcome! I hope you’ll head over to the archives and enjoy what you find there. I’ll see you all around, I’m sure, and as always, good gaming!

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