Game Spotlight – Floating Point

One of my fondest memories of the Nintendo Gamecube is playing Spiderman 2 and swinging effortlessly from building to building. The rest of the mechanics intrigued me only to the level that a usually movie-to-game adaptation normally does, but the nuanced system of movement was always something that stuck with me. Floating Point a free game by Tom Francis (designer of Gunpoint) takes this idea of joy and engagement from movement, simplifies it, and lets it’s stand on it’s own.


At it’s core, Floating Point is a game about movement. You control a single red dot by latching onto any of the environment’s floating gray blocks. You can reel yourself in on your tether, or release at any time. This set of interactions, along with the game’s physics engine, allows for a unique and interesting set of movements that can be made once you get a bit of momentum. The tether is a physical object in the world as well, and can get wrapped up on the floating blocks, allowing for high-speed slingshot maneuvers and horrible, messy, knots.


Once you’ve collected all the points on the level, the game gives you a scribbly display of everywhere you have swung. It can be hilariously embarrassing or a testament to your swinging skill: you decide.

The game has a simple point system, but it’s mostly just to give you a loose goal to shoot for as you swing your way through the environment. The game rewards you in little ways for going faster and keeping momentum: the music increases, colors become more vibrant, points become easier to collect. On top of this, the screen is split between open air and water, which means that when you enter the lower half of the screen, the physics flip and everything becomes just a little different. It’s a lot of fun, especially for a free game, and the procedural levels make sure that you wont have the same experience twice. Definitely give this one a shot if you’re got a little extra time on your hands and a hankering for some light and elegant entertainment.

Good Gaming!

Sorry for the slacking this week, folks. I’ve been mostly focusing on writing scripts and world building for a separate project from the blog, and haven’t really been playing much aside from Act 2 of Broken Age and the occasional game of DOTA. As those of you who follow me on twitter and Facebook know, there will be no Hard Restart this weekend, but I’ll be playing Darkest Dungeon on twitch all Saturday evening EST, so swing of by if you’re bored and or if you just like dungeons.

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