Newsin’ and musin’

I’ve been mostly filling my time in between work with Steven Universe, Hearthstone and Titan’s Souls at this moment. While I don’t quite have a enough thoughts compiled on those collectively to create something solid, I will in about two days so be on the lookout for a more focused piece. I essentially want to get all my ducks in a row before talking about Titan Souls because I’m liking it so much and don’t want to just have an impression piece or a spotlight for it.

Speaking of Titans, the Attack on Titan live action trailer looks to be pretty interesting, although I was sad to not see any footage of the 3D maneuver gear or really much of what it will be focused on. However, after seeing the live action Ace Attorney film, I honestly feel like anything can be adapted if done so correctly. It’ll be interesting to see how it translates, if it translates at all. I do like the war-movie visual style they’ve got going with the costumes and effects, it definitely is a good fit for the way the story goes.

Silent Hills getting cancelled is a bit of a kick in the head, especially after they built such a successful hype machine, but it sort of feels like there’s no way it will just go unfinished. There’s gotta be some sort of follow up that Konami offers after having led audiences along so much, right? Then again, that’s not really how things work usually, and if the project truly is dead I suppose PT will just have to stand alone as a bastion of terrifying, reminiscing suspense for a game that could have been.

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