Let’s make a game (part 5)

So in the efforts of making a push towards getting this thing off the ground, I’ve been trying to set aside a few days each week to dedicate to creating assets for the game project or at least for thinking about how we can organize and properly handle them. The decision I have come to is to get at least one solid thing done each week, and keep working as much as possible in between. Setting deadlines at the beginning of the week with a short dev meeting will help keep myself and the team focused on a small number of things at one time and allow for actual progress. Today has been a good day and I’ve been able to stay pretty productive even with the whole span of the distraction-filled internet looming before me. Drawing concept art generally makes me feel inadequate and like a five year old with a pen, but it honestly helps to visualize a lot so I sort of have to keep working with it to make sure that the game doesn’t wind up with a really weird and winding aesthetic (Which it honestly might anyway.)

More of a sneaky type?

Knights are all well and good, but are you watching close enough to see what’s in the shadows?

Today I’ve been mostly looking at character sprites and continuing the somewhat arduous process of producing pixel art. I feel like I might want to invest in some software to draw better then MS Paint, but for the time being it actually allows me to be pretty precise with the pixels and to keep everything in order for the most part.  Gotta start somewhere right? Besides, keeping things as simple and low-cost as possible is sort of a must at this point. Once the ball gets rolling and we’re more confident with how to construct, apply, and animate environments and models, I’ll shell out for the software but until that point I’ll just work my way up from square one. The good news is that little by little, I’m getting the moving parts hammered out and squared away for when we need to use them. It’s hard to not try and sit down to figure out specifics about the story or to pin down right away how we want things to be, but I’m working on talking less and doing more as far as creative ventures go.

I revamped the Sword’s character model a little bit, bringing her skin tone away from the ghastly pale prototype and giving her a scabbard to hold on to. I’m sure this edition will be altered before the game is playable but it’s good to have a working sort of model to fiddle with while figuring out the details and aesthetic of the character. I like where it’s at right now but I think that more detail might be a good idea, at some point further down the road. Gonna have to do something with her hair I think, it sort of melts into her pauldron right now. Anyway, look for more updates, screenshots and concept art later on down the line!.

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